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Just for you

Originally Posted by chitown08 View Post
I think i'd feel like a woman if i drove a vert...

here come the flamessssss
also Quote from your other post
Originally Posted by chitown08
Who's seen the latest GM commercial with all the new cars (like T.I. and the Impala), and then at the end the hick in the corvette listening to honky tonk music....

And that is why I would never ever buy a Corvette... haha

ppl may say BMW owners are rich pricks or something... so following that logic, should BMW make a commercial with a prick being a prick and then getting in a bimmer... no. that would be dumb.

Before some vette-loving tim mcgraw flames me, I fully realize that cars do not define ppl, but I can't help laughing at this commercial.

Well after reading this and the post about the vert, you are either
a woman who has great taste in cars, or have some Gender issues

You really could be open minded, the car does not make the Man
(or woman) and having an open mind is how we got the M in the
first place Ever drive an M1

Doyou think listening to a certain type of music makes you a hick?

Heres a really good question Ever driven a Vette ? or any other
car on a track? ( other than in a straight line !)

Let me ask in jest what colors tell you about the driver?

TELL me what Real Drivers training you have after besides your State Drivers License ? Think about it ?