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Ya I think PD realized they made some of the races far too hard. The mini race was another one that I could not get better than 4th on. I was happy to see the new S3 events are actually winable. Maybe a little too easy though. I didnt care much about the money as much as I did about the XP. I was almost at level 22 last night and after I did all the S3 events besides the C4 event I was at 24. Now I can concetrate on winning cash. I finished the dreamcar championship and two others last night.

I do not see what point there is in leveling up any more since there are no more races to do above 24. Maybe they will add those later.

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Yeah well, it kinda defeated the purpose to spend more money than you were going to make on the race just to tune the car to win it.

Plus, you can only do them once, so its not like they are going to be major cash cow events. Im glad I can finally win these damn things now.
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