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i believe their new GT2 wheel is compatible with pc, xbox, and ps3.

the gt3rs clubsport edit that i ordered early december that was due to ship late december is now pushed back to early january. i think the gt2 is first fanatec wheel thats compatible with xbox and maybe the first clutch wheel compatible with xbox, so im willing to bet the estimated ship date of sometime in january for the gt2 is going to get pushed back as well. esp with hungry forza3 players and many of them strapped with xmas cash.

judging by what ive read on other forums, fanatec functions at a snail's pace when inundated with orders, but they do eventually come through. i wouldn't worry about getting one if you pre-order, just expect to sweat a little if the 3 of you combine orders (youre looking at ~$1400 paypal transfer to a germany-based company with shady customer service and maybe a month long wait before they ship your order) but again, if you want these wheels, you gotta live with it.

...unless you guys find new ones on ebay or something or manage to get a hold of real ppl at fanatec in the hills. gl with that tho. every time i tried to call them, it went straight to answering machine and every email ive sent goes to germany.

their location on their website says they're located at 8200 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 200
Beverly Hills, CA 90211. im not sure if its a warehouse/store/office/or what, but if any of you guys actually goes there, crack some heads for me and tell them to ship my setup.

gl everyone