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Originally Posted by epiphone3 View Post
Its strange that you say Getrag because it seems to me that all the information I have about the 7-speed DCT is from ZF Sachs. See a few threads down and there is a thread with a link to a description and animation. Dual wet clutches is very cool!
ZF have been the main transmission partner to BMW for many years, but they banked on the AMT style transmission (i.e. SMGII and SMGIII) and the technology battle has now shifted to DCT.

Gertag are ahead of ZF in this DCT technology race and that's who BMW have chosen for the new M3, so ZF are now playing catchup but will not have a competitive transmission available I believe until 2009.

These new DCT transmissions can handle considerably more torque than the early Borg Warner designed systems as fitted to VW/Audi, so I am expecting Gertag's DCT system to be far better than those we have previously experienced on the Golf GTi. Should be interesting to find out.

Here are a few more articles describing why SMG is being replaced with DCT