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Originally Posted by LiM3y View Post
If you're IN, friend "Big_Brewsky" on PSN, that way I know you're up for it. Some folks haven't responded to my requests when I have sent them.

I need some volunteers for a dry run on Thursday night. 10pm EST.

I will set up a "lounge" and see how it works. I have not done this before, so I need some practice, so I need 2 or 3 patient M3 drivers - if that species actually exists! LOL
Thanks for setting it up! I will try to be there even though I will probably be late because of work and traffic. It is not that difficult. You just create a room and then figure out the details with the buttons on the lower right. Initially you will be alone and if your title is catchy enough random people will pop in.

Since I have done all my weight reductions that are irreversible, I would like to propose a weight/power limit. Unfortunately GT5 does not enforce that so you have to manually check by clicking over peoples' entries... In any case I can just buy another M3 So easy on GT5