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You cant buy one unless one pops up in the used section. I think you need to be level 23 to buy it, im not sure otherwise you win it by completing the GT world championship race in the professional section. Remeber to drive the ZR1 for a few races before entering Like the wind. After doing the oil change the HP will increase to around 900 after some driving. You need to set the trans to 242mph and zero out the camber and toe, and take some down force out so it can get up to speed faster in the straights. It took me about 3 trys and I got 1st. Bbe aggressive with blocking the other cars from passing as well. The zr1 made it an easy win at Daytona.

I took first after 2 laps. I did not even put any camber or toe back in, and left the downforce alone. You have to be super aggressive with your braking points though. and their a 2 spots that you can simple create your own path through in order to get passed the cars and get a good lead. This point is the 2 chicanes before going back onto the oval before the finish line and right after the first big oval turn when you start the race.

Those 2 chicanes, I took at over 130mph by simple running through the grass area. Beat it with the ZR1, it is more rewarding feeling I think. then you get the minolta. Upgrade that sucker and nothing can touch you. I used it for a few races around Indy to get some cash and points and I was able to lap one of the other cars.

Has anyone tried to use the minolta on the Ring? I raced it and the best time I cut was a 6:14. I screwed up the last corner before the big straight then the last two befor the finish so I know getting under 6min is possible.

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I can't seem to find one. Where do I buy one from?
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