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Well he's gone, while I love the explosive offense his lack of attention to recruit more defensive players sickened me, GOOD RIDDANCE. If anyone watched the presser Brandon made it very clear that a lot of paper will be thrown at a big name coach. Harbaugh is meeting with the niners today, IMHO he is playing a game of who is gonna pay me? Offer from UM is rumored to be 5.2mill a year which is outlandish but he is worth it. The way I see it no way Brandon doesn't have someone lined up, I think it was a ploy at the presser saying the search starts now you don't fire a coach and not have 2 viable candidates lined up, I think RR's firing was put into play after the loss to the "Tattoo Crew" and Chewy I'm not gonna get into a pissing contest with you because I very much respect OSU, now if you were a Penn St fan then it would be open season on you ass.

Here are my top 5 candidates
1. Harbaugh
2. Patterson from TCU
3. Fitzgerald from NW
4. Miles
5. Peterson from Boise St
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