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I just got the minolta last night, and my god that thing is a beast. I dont blame you for not wanting to give it up. Mine is pushing 1029hp right now. Nothing can even come close to it. Racing Like the Wind events are so easy now. I had a little trouble with Indy in the ZR1. I had to do some tweaks to the suspension and trans to get it to hold the pack off.

I have yet to drive the Skyline Carbon R34 I won. Cool lookin car.

Originally Posted by Freakazoid View Post
alright in a few more days I'll be able to start offloading cars.

The people who actually need them *for a race* will be given first dibs. If there's a race you need to beat, and a car you'd like for it, just let me know

for the immediate timeframe the X2010, minolta and FGT are offlimits, I'll be opening it up to people soon enough.
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