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Originally Posted by dr.jay View Post
My problem with RR leaving is the attrition, does Denard go? Mike Martin to the NFL? we already lost some top recruits what else are we gonna lose because of this? If we cant get Harbaugh or Miles and David Brandon fires RR who is it?? I hope not Hoke
Why not Hoke?

Brandon is the one who should be fired. He's created a shit storm and made a bad situation worse. Yes, the un-quarterback Denard will probably go. Mike Martin may or may not go. We'll see.... But in the meantime, our recruits are getting raided, there's uncertainty clouding the program, and nobody knows what the plan is for next year, not the recruits, players, potential recruits, coaches, nobody....

At this point, it would be pointless to keep Rodriguez unless there's absolutely no one out there. And by no one, I mean no one. If he stays, we're going to deal with another year of losing every recruit out there worth a damn, because everyone knows about the instability in his position. Anyone who thinks a good defensive coordinator is going to fix things on that side of the ball is delusional. Rodriguez can't put good defensive players on the field, and a coordinator just can't overcome that. There's something to be said about a guy who can't field decent atheletes on defense at Michigan.... Rodriguez sucks. Shit can him. As much as I think Greg Robinson is an idiot and completely incompetent, it's Rodriguez's fault that the personnel are so damn weak.