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Originally Posted by Chewy734 View Post
.... People think it's to see if they get Harbaugh. If not, Rich Rod may be back next season! ....
In my personal opinion, I think Harbaugh would be better than RR any day of the week, and I have no doubt he'd return the program to its original track within 3 years, but I wouldn't see him staying for more than 5. I would rather have someone who doesn't already have aspirations set for the NFL; someone who we could perhaps make into a career coach with us if everything falls into place.

I really don't give a shit about the "Michigan Man" stigma. That is not a prerequisite in my mind. Just get a good coach who is solid with fundamentals and discipline, who puts a strong team on the field every week, and keeps his players out of trouble off the field (not to mention he keeps his own ass out of trouble with the NCAA). He doesn't have to be someone who played or coached here, just someone who can instill the core values back into the program, and do it for a while if necessary.

IMO they'll still fire him. But they won't do it until they have a successor lined up. Whether that's Harbaugh, Hoke, Miles, Patterson, or the local Junior High football coach, I don't give a shit. Rich Fraudriguez has proven he doesn't have what it takes by any means.