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Originally Posted by gmund1948 View Post
No Harm, I cannot tell if you are 12, 19, or 32 , if you live in Nigeria and got
rich, scamming people over the Internet or are a latchkey kid with Internet
access whos read way to many magazines. or both.

For the most part trust appropriately, and use your BS Detector,
If Its derrogatory take it off line, Ok once in a while someone so
obnoxious needs bitch-slapped (I digress)

The reason I have the following line :

TELL me what REAL Drivers training you have after besides your State Drivers License ? Think about it ?

I hear drag race and street racing stories here all the time. I watched a single parent family lose their mother to one of these idiots, and I have been to too many funerals stateside.

I have lived in the Western States, Japan, Italy and Germany I made some stupid mistakes trying to learn to drive on public roads, Caused some havoc and nearly killed myself. Now thanks to driving schools and Sports car owning neighbors I learned correctly and safely thanks to PCA, and other clubs I learned how little I knew. I had the ugliest 510 Datsun that you ever saw, but it could outperform a lot of Prettier cars and I became a better Driver thats why..................

M for Motorsport

Drivers training is a gift pass it on

Remember in Germany it cost about $2500 USD to get a drivers license

TELL me what REAL Drivers training you have after besides your State Drivers License ? Think about it ?
My driver training came when I was 16, when I went to the DMV, drove around the block with a driving assessor, backed into a spot, and got my license. What an accomplishment!

I kid, of course. I was taught by the BMW CCA, Boston chapter, both on the track (Watkins Glen, NHIS, Lime Rock) and autocross. I then moved to CA, where I went through an instructor training course and subsequently became an HPDE instructor with NASA, Trackmasters, Nor. CA Racing Club, and Hooked on Driving. I have subsequently instructed over 100 students, so I do feel I have passed on a good portion of driver training. I also run my own driver training course with high end owners of Ferraris, Porsches, etc, and have had the pleasure of driving an F430 at 9/10 at several tracks.

I am jealous of the driver training that is required to get your license in Germany. There are so many bad drivers in the US who clog the roads and create dangerous situations in normal driving, let alone inclement weather. I moved to Northern CA partially for the tracks (Sears Point, Laguna Seca, Thunderhill, etc) but also for the great, relatively well maintained and desolate backroads. I, too, cringe, when I hear about and see videos of the street racing stories. What is the talent in pushing your right foot to the floor and (maybe) shifting once or twice, and at the same time putting everyone else in danger since they have not developed the ability to truly control their car?

I am with you on having to make somewhat of a compromise with the car I choose. I have the M3 for the track and back roads (I have yet to go to a track-only set up for reasons of practicality = no tow vehicle!). I have a Legacy GT Wagon for Tahoe, Mt biking, windsurfing and as the general "workhorse." And come this Summer I will be trading in the splendid supercharged S2000 for a 335i sedan, which is necessitated by my first kid on the way!! I will do my best not to modify it too much (the car, I mean). I suspect that when the M3 sedan comes out the 335i will be traded in for it quicker than you can say "NA 420 HP!"

I am glad to hear they may have resolved the cowl shake with the 335i/M3 vert. It should be a terrific machine, especially with the top down and the glorious V8 engine at 8K RPM!

BTW, if I were smart I'd get the Vert, too -- to prevent me from turning it into a track car at some point in its life (I tend to track every car I ever own, and verts are not the safest in a roll, so it might prevent me from beating it up at Sears )
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