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Hi Mike,

What are you using to code all this ?? NCS ??. I have it but haven't research about it. I know its capabilities are powerful but cryptic too.

Do you have a shop in West LA ??. I'm in LA too so I might stop by to change some settings of my 08 E90 M3 if that's ok with you...

One feature I always wanted, besides getting rid of the warning gong when the key is in and the door is open, is something that is is available in Euro cars, at least it was on E30s, E36 and probably E46s. That is to be able to open/close windows/sunroof without the key in and just with the doors open.

That's a nice feature to have. On E30s is was probably a wiring thing, on E36s it might be a combination of the ZKE5 and wiring, on the E46 probably ZKE5 only and on the E90s it might be programing only but I don't know.

Either way, it's nice to change some of the default settings...
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