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The "Good Riddance Rich Rodriguez, you piece of shit!" thread.

Ugh for a minute there I was starting to think there was a chance they'd hold on to him.... I think I would have puked.

Bad news for other Big 10 fans, as hopefully the replacement will be of some semi-decent recruiting caliber and somewhat concerned with whether or not he has any defensive players on his roster or a defensive staff that knows what they're doing.... What an embarrassment. First, his system drives away the good players we had, and then he blames Lloyd Carr for the cupboard being bare.... Meanwhile, Ryan Mallett seems to be doing just fine, multiple decent players went pro well before their time, we've got a damn good O-lineman beating us up once a year wearing Scarlet and Gray.... Always excuses with this guy.... He's had three years at the school and he still can't find players to put in on defense. We have a bunch of underskilled freshmen when there should be sophomores with talent, at least that would prove that he needed to "get his own players." One guy made this team this year. Without Denard, the Wolverines would have won 1 game. That is not an exaggeration. That is hardly a team.

So many embarrassments, so many positive records set by the other team, so many negative records set by us. I swear to God, if I had to hear "This hasn't happened since the Johnson Administration" one more time, I was going to start burning my shit like a State fans burn couches and cop cars after a big win (or loss). Not a lick of improvement out of this guy. Sure the record has gotten better, but look at the defense and its FBS ranking over the last three years: 62nd, 87th, then 108th or something like that.... TERRIBLE. We rushed the field in celebration after beating ILLINOIS! AT HOME! IN TRIPLE OVERTIME! YAY WE CLINCHED A BOWL BIRTH! Holy shit, how far did this program fall? We made Indiana look like an unstoppable force on offense.... We lost by 38 to a mid-pack SEC team (granted, the SEC is fucking good). NCAA violations galore.... Enough embarrassment. Enough lowering the bar. This shit never should have happened.

I'm concerned about Harbaugh though. I don't think he'll be a career Michigan coach. The NFL wants him and will continue to bang down his door. I can't say it doesn't seem like that's what he wants too. Hoke might be the best bet at this point.

Goddamn it why isn't there another Jim Tressel (minus the SEC woes)?