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Ok so a quick update on my car....I went with the full hood / bumper coverage from Intrigue Detail. Well, they covered the car using Ventureshield because 3M doesn't make scotch guard big enough to fit the M3 hood. The Ventureshield didn't come out correctly the first time so before I even picked up the car the shop did it all over again. Well, the second time the Clear Bra still didn't look up to our standards so the shop suggested that I let it dry for a week and if it still doesn't look right that they will keep fixing it until im happy or give me a refund if I choose. In the mean time, the guys from the shop have been in constant contact with me and expressed that they feel really bad that I am not totally happy with their product. So much so that I got an email where the guy says "ive been up all night thinking about your car" (that makes two of us lol). Anyway, they offered to test / use the new Avery-Dennison Nano-Fusion film on my car at no additional charge and they are going to tint another one of my cars for free. The reviews on this new film are amazing! It is so new that the shop owner says I will be one of the first people in the country to have this on their car. This product was a major highlight of last years Sema show. It is much more expensive then the Ventureshield but from what Ive read and been told, it is a far superior product. At this time it is only available to dealers but Intrigue says they can get it. It has also not been available in large 60in sheets (which is needed for an M3 full hood wrap) until now.

Anyway, I will say that although my clear bra experience with Intrigue has not been perfect, their customer service has been. They are going above and beyond to make sure that I am 100% happy. Assuming that the new AD clear bra turns out as good as expected, I would highly recommend their shop. If you care about customer service then these are the guys to see. The shop manager even said that if the new AD film comes out as great as they expect, that he is going to call all his old M3 clients and offer to replace their clear bras for free. This new clear bra is supposed to make all other ones virtually obsolete.

Check out this review:
I will keep you guys updated.