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Originally Posted by e92_m3 View Post
I guess it all comes down to BMW. Why remove such a useful technology that has been helping mechanics, racing teams, and vehicle owners for as long as I can remember. Way to go BMW! As far as I am concerned, the dipstick did not bother performance at all. Then why remove it? When BMW removed the dipstick, it created speculations and doubts (like this thread) on how to check the oil level and it's cleanliness. To make matters worse, a lot of BMW owners are losing trust on their dealerships because of this dipstick issue.

Someone correct me if I am wrong, but high performance cars such as Porsche and Lotus still use the dipstick to this very day! I just don't get the point on why BMW decided one day to take the dipstick out of the engine...

Because, believe it or not, not everyone is as mechanically inclined as you. I personally know a guy who checked his girlfriends oil, while car was running, and read it as too high. Later, her engine burned out from lack of oil. This digital dipstick is easy for ANYONE to read. Whats so hard about waiting 5 min for the car to warm up and then read the oil?