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Originally Posted by STAGGEREDM3 View Post
Barry have you inquired from your paint store about getting that fire orange yet? If so are they able to get it with the paint code given through Bmw? Thanks
I know the guy painting the car had some difficulty getting the exact formula. He has it and I'll ask him what he had to do to track it down.

As far as an update is concerned on the car - finally went to paint yesterday and the chassis is scheduled to be complete in 1.5 to 2 weeks. Doors, hood, trunk lid, etc will be done after that. This will allow for the reassembly process to begin.

Also the motor is getting new bearings and the cam gear is getting wired into place - both are being done on a preventative basis. Motons are in and dyno'd. Still waiting on the CSL airbox (chad nelson version) and am getting the Epic software (alpha-n version) from BW.

Plan is to go to the NASA event in mid Feb at VIR so a lot has to happen over the next six weeks!

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