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Originally Posted by monsta View Post
Do you have a cast? how much longer....thank god I haven't gone down yet, but one day it'll happen just hopefully not to severe & I hope its on the track when it does & not watch your pinkies i.e. Troy Bayliss

p.s. Street Bike: Ducati Monsta 900 Track bike: Suzuki SV650...atv's for off road & about to buy a Honda 250r

Nice toys! no I dont have a cast it was just a severe dislocation and soft tissue damage. shoot i have no idea how long till feeling comes back fully and i get full flexibility right now i just need a few more degrees of rotation to have full mobility of my arm and then its to rehab and back to weight training. everyone goes down sooner or later just hope its a lowslide and slow speed corner with lots of run off!!! lol... yea that sucks about Troy eeeehhh* gives me the willies thinking about his pinky.

Word of advice: go limp!!! i repeat go LIMP! when you hit your bones will bend and wont break. hense why i didnt destroy my collar bone going head first into a wall of dirt at 90mph. id take my dislocation over any break!!!

Wow you love them twins dont ya! I have 2 2005 yz 250r 2 strokes and dear Lord do they make my street bikes look like scooters. my 250's do wheelies all through 5th gear and you cant bump start them they have so much compression its crazy. I have only wrecked once and it was cause a birm gave out on me at 30 or so mph. didnt do any damage but I sat for 15 min trying to crank it so i wouldnt have to replace the spark plug LOL. good ole 2 strokes for ya.

GOOD LUCK and Enjoy yourself!!!