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Alright! I am back from snowboarding and still alive, well, and in one piece. I had a freaking blast!!! I went to Sugar Mountain NC on Xmas day, which was pretty awesome since it was snowing. The fresh snow made it really nice to fall on. As import36 have suggested, I bought an AZZpad before I went. All i could say was wow! if i didn't have that AZZpad i probably would have broken my tail bone.

I started the way at the bunny slopes learning the basics like how to put on the board and how to stand up. Standing up took me about 10mins to balance my self on the board. Due to the bunny slopes being over crowded I was sacred of running into little kids. So I decided to take the lift and head up the Easy Street which was the easiest and had my first getting of the lift crash course.

I have to say from my first experience that getting off the lift is hard as balls. They keep telling me to put my right foot on the little rubber piece and ride off the lift. My technique: try to balance, if fails...dive right into the snow and crawl yourself outta the way to put your board on. After getting up on the board and I found it really easy to stay balanced since the area is bigger and the snow is a little more loose to I had more control. I made it down the easiest slope falling every 6sec on my feet. After two runs down I decided to take on the next big slope, which was a bad idea.

I thought I could handle the next big slope but instead $****** in my pants looking at how deep the slope is as I was going up the lift. As I started going down the slope, I realized it was much faster and I havn't really mastered the skills to stop. So instead of going straight down, I boarded by way down sideways with one edge in the snow. I took awhile to get down but that was the only way I could think of. After that incident I went up again and gave it another shot. (haha I never learn ) This time I was boarding down at a pretty fast rate. I said rate since I was falling down every few feet that I traveled. My balance was great this time and picked up a ton of speed, then tried to stop...failed...knocked the Jesus outta me and pretty much tossed my self a few feet eating snow. After my infamous fall I was pretty hurt and scared so I took a break and went up easiest street for the rest of the day. lol but I would def go again. Thanks to everyone that gave me all the great advices.
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