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Originally Posted by mylydiamy View Post
I am neither Cleveland nor LJ fan. I am a true NBA fan. I have been closely following NBA for 20 years, and watched 90% of all televised games (NBA league pass since it became available).

I am sick and tired of seeing people putting LJ down. He is the best player in the world now (D wade and Kobe follow). He had carried Cleavland for 7 years all by himself. Stupid management could not get him a supporting cast that he needed to win a ring. Remember, a player can win games, but only team can win championship.

What was he supposed to do???? Stay in Cleavland, have the same team, have a decent regular season, BUT come up short in playoffs???

The only mistake he made was the way he announced his decision. ESPN show was completely childish. Everyone knows that. No need to talk about it. He should have announced his decision just like all other players do.

Look at Cleveland now. It is basically the same team as last year minus LJ. Last year they won 67 games if my memory is not fooling me. They will probably finish this season at the bottom along with Nets, maybe 15-18 games won. That shows how good he is. Neither Kobe or Wade could have accomplished that. Anyone remembers Lakers first 3-4 years after Shaq left???? Cleveland without LJ is worse team than Laker minus Kobe when Shaq left. Yet, they have been one of the elite teams every year, and made it to finals, conference finals...

So please stop putting him down. He is and has been the BEST player in the world, and a true team player. I remember that in last playoffs he was being criticized even after having triple double.

Enough is enough...
In before everyone says Kobe is the best player in the world.