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Originally Posted by infinitekid2002 View Post
You're pretty agressive..arrives yesterday, he looks at it and thinks he can fix it instead and now you're ready to pursue legal action or dispute the charge? If it were me i'd just wait until Monday, ask him how long to get repaired/replaced/refunded.. IF was reasonable time i'd just wait. S-happens
I don't think I'm being aggressive. I PAID for something, it DOESN'T work, I want a replacement or refund, HE is telling me that the item is not the original and toying me around. He originally told me different two days ago.

I can barely understand the guy on the phone, speaks poor english. Not to discriminate or sound racist but how do I know that he's not trying to fuck me over? He now has MY money and MY watch. Of course I'm going to be skeptical when he's 3000 miles away, wouldn't you?

The legal action part was to scare him so that he stops jerking me around, but if it comes down to that then I will pursue it.