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Originally Posted by GregTheStig View Post
Well I enjoyed the little time with Forza 3 I had, so I'll be interested in the 4th one. However this "trailer" doesn't tell me shit about the game other than that they're teaming up with US Top Gear. This doesn't get me excited about the game at all.
You would assume they're hinting at the inclusion of weather, dirt and night races judging from the footage.
Originally Posted by Sylon View Post
LOL, that had to be the lamest video game trailer ever. I spotted the Top Gear footage too. How can you create a video game "teaser" trailer without actually having any video game footage in it? It was just a car montage and had nothing to do with Forza itself. Pathetic.

Its funny, because a lot of that footage was created by Clash Productions, someone that posts regularly on another forum Im on, and his videos are incredible. At least Microsoft licensed that stuff.
You sound so negative towards the Forza series. Hop off GT5's dick for a second.

Btw, I have both games and appreciate them for their respective qualities. Don't understand why people are so biased between the two.
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