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saw the pics on FB. very nice! so it looks like you didn't actually drive it out of the welt then? just took delivery and left it there for shipment? if so, probably a good idea with all the snow and gunk out on the roads. That was the one thing that was stopping me from doing ED during the winter. So I was waiting to do ED next March Then came the winter $1500 rebate plus the $500 price hike in the new year. So that $2k would effectively had made doing ED more expensive. So now I'm doing PCD hoping for late Feb early March date!

Such a tradeoff between PCD and ED. ED if you want to take a nice vacation and enjoy the great roads of Europe. PCD if you want a detailed in-depth run-through of your car (2hr walkthrough?? - Yes Please!!) and some great instruction on how to push it to the limit.

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