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Hello, Insurance Company?? ... Yes ... I just wrecked my car on Mulholland by myself - can you fix my car and charge me a surcharge for being a dumbfuck? - Thanks

These ppl need to go to Autocross 1st then some HPDE (starting with Instruction).
The ppl yelling is a good point, that def does not help.
I've driven all of Mulholland and 80% of it is a piece of shit (bumpy and broken) ...
It would make a great 'Rally' sector .... and why ppl think they need to go 'there' and push themselves and their street cars with those squealing 500 tread tires beyond me.

I think most of these ppl have no idea how easy it is to buy a helmet and go to a 'real' racetrack and get help at better car control and understanding the physics of the whole thing.