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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
On the Cayman issue... I haven't driven it but can defintiely respect all the great things I have read about it. I'd love to drive the Cayman S. I also read they did not put an LSD in purely because of performance. If they would have Porsche said directly it would smoke the 911 on the ring. All that being said, personally, the car does nothing for me looks wise. Looks wise I see it as a 911 wanna be and the car just strikes me as a bit feminine. Even if I loved the looks the lack of LSD would be a deal breaker.
I did an article comparing the Cayman S and the Z4M Coupe last year. We took them both to a local proving ground, tested their maximum speed along a 2-mile straight and spent much of the day lapping the circuit.

The Cayman is a good car, probably a great car and certainly more enjoyable to drive than the Boxster, but it felt slow in a straight line compared to the Z4M (it was around 10 mph slower by the end of the 2 mile straight), and it just didn't require much driver input to conduct a fast lap. It was a close run thing though, really all the Cayman needs is a little more power and a Lsd.

We ran an article in EVO a few months earlier when we tested the Boxster S against the Z4M, by driving them both to the Nurburgring. That was fun, but again the Boxster just felt too accessible and easy and so was not as rewarding to drive.