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Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
Yeah of course they knew. But they denied there was a signal strength issue up and down until this year.... One thing that was consistent with all of my iPhones was their ability to drop calls or get shitty signal more so than other phones I've had. In the past, it wasn't THAT big of a deal, because there really wasn't a device that could compete with it. Now that there are plenty of them, it's nice to be able to not feel like I'm being held hostage if I want that type of phone.

Honestly, I don't see Apple changing their attitude and the way they deal with issues in the future. As great as the iPhone 4 is, this time around I voted with my wallet. Unfortunately, there are too many people out there who will stick with apple even if the iPhone 5 was nothing more than a brick of solidified bear shit. It would be nice if people jumped ship and forced Apple to be not so douchebaggy.

Although the iPhone 4 is generally the best phone out there (being very broad and generally speaking), it is so nice to have valid options now. With the rate that other manufacturers are progressing, Apple very well may have to start caring about how they treat their fan base when confronted with very real issues.
People are more ready to blame AT&T for shitty coverage then Apple because they figure it is the network that is causing their poor reception( it probably is lol).

As for me, I am surprisingly happy with AT&T overall. I get good reception at home now( 5 bars on EDGE and 4 bars on 3G) and 5 bars on both down in Daytona. Only time I don't get reception is when I am on the auto train going through the middle of no where. I hate how they rape you for their service plans, but Verizon is the same way. So that is a moot point.