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I can't believe I just read through 4 pages of this thread. Very interesting.

The facts are the GTR has Super Car performance for a very reasonable price.
0-60 in under or around 3 sec and all for under $100K.

I'm sure the performance will only continue to get better with prices creeping up a little at a time but nothing near exotic prices. I think it's not the most beautiful looking car but I also look at like a "Sore Dick", you just can't beat it.

Would I want one? Sure!

After I have a GT3 RS and Lambo SL in the garage.
As for which would I prefer between my M and GTR that is easy.

That's why I have an M in my garage now. The GTR is a great sports car but
it just doesn't float my boat. If I had an extra $100k I wouldn't think twice.
I'm not sure how often it would move but I would love to have one in my garage any day!

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