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Originally Posted by LiM3y View Post
Here we go - I was thinking about 'straightforward' mods discussed on the forum:

Everything standard, except:

Intake: Racing Air Filter
Exhaust: Ti Racing Exhaust (we all have 10K for an exhaust right???)
Exhaust: Sports Catalytic Converter
Clutch: Twin Plate (the stock manual has dual plates)
Suspension: Non adjustable sports kit
Tires: Sports Soft
Engine: ECU Stage 1

Does this make sense?

No cheating - don't be a douche!

I need to win a couple of races to get the dough for the missing bits.
This gives ~467HP, but if we all have the same car, it shouldn't matter.

Any rim style you like. I have the first BBS ones on the list, painted a nice red! LOL