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Originally Posted by Trier Germany View Post
My ///M is made of sugar i think it will melt!!! Just kidding, I use my ///M from April through October I have two other cars that are way better in the snow than the ///M. My ///M is in winter hibernation . I drive a Porsche Cayenne and Golf GTI in the snow. Instead of buying snow tires, I buy semi-slicks. I used up 3 sets of tires on the Nordschleife and GP track and 2 sets of brake pads this season. The ///M is questionable in the rain so it should be absolutely horrible on the snow. Not a smart investment to be plowing in a $70K + car just my opinion.
That sir, depends on the tires. All of the UHP Summer tires I know of or have used are great in the rain. Well, at least while they have enough tread depth to channel the water. Mine is fantastic in the wet on the CS3s.

As for snow, I MUCH prefer the M to my 08 GTI, and it's not even close. I find the M much more stable and balanced than the GTI was.

Having said that, if I had a Cayenne I'd rock that in the snow simply because of the additional ground clearance.