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ya I have been reading the same after I looked more. The only issue is you cant get the GT3 wheel or the 911 turbo wheel that works with all platforms which is what I want. They are backordered and Fanatec wont respond to my email to tell me if I ordered right now if I would actually get one. I do not want to order one for $500+ unless I know I will be alotted one for sure. I can order a G27 through Gamestop and get it by friday they said if I do overnight, and return it to a store if I do not like it but I am still out the shipping which is only 18 bucks.

Not sure what to do. I may go pick up the regular Logitech GT wheel and see how it is. I just hate that plastic look and feel of the pedals and the buttons for the paddle shift. I want actual paddles.

If they respond to me would you want to order them together to save on shipping since I am in Glendale not far from you? maybe they would do a package deal for both.

Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
the Posrche Standard wheel is better than a normal logitech wheel

I read around on the ps3 forums

plus it's a full size wheel vs the mini wheels they have

though it's not comparable to the GT3RS..
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