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From what I understand the clubsport version has far better sensitivity in the pedals and wheel for more precise driving feel and throttle position, plus they are totally adjustable which is nice, and the GT2 clubsport which is what I may get will work with PC, PS3, XBOX. I will use it for GT5 and TDU2 on xbox. So in that regard the 500 is worth it since it works with 3 platforms. The regular carrera setup for 160 has plastic pedals no paddle shifters and is not going to be as realistic. You may as well go to best buy or gamestop and get the Logitech Drive GT wheel for 100 bucks. It will work fine but it will feel a little cheap. I held one today and it is light and not sturdy feeling. I may get one from best buy and use it until the Fanatec comes in then return it.

Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
I want the GT3RS V2 wheel but is it really worth it?

the standard wheel is 160 with pedals !

the GT3 will run $400... versus the $180~ standard ones..

then comes in the whole are the clubsport pedals worth it..
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