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Originally Posted by TK-421 View Post
Roll your eyes all you want, I've been lifting for around 17 years and have vast experience with this stuff. Over the counter supplements are a gigantic waste of money, with a huge majority of the stuff undergoing no testing, and no verification process whatsoever. Why people would want to put the next fly by night, hyped up garbage in their bodies is beyond me. Roids are the only "supplements" that will truly work (even then, you have to follow the procedure). Creatine is supplemented enough in the body itself, when you take more in all you get is bloated with that chipmunk face. Same with whey protein, if you eat correctly, you'll get all you need. When you flood the body with more of something than it needs (creatine, protein, etc.) the body will turn it to fat, or just piss it out. 75-80% of gaining muscle is eating correctly, you should have medium sized portions every 3 hours or so.

I'm 6"4, 34 y/0, weigh 260lbs, bench 400lbs on a good day, and haven't used any supplements since my early 20's (with age comes experience). As I said, save the money you'll waste on supplements, and use it on quality food.

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