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How To Gain Weight?

I've been trying to gain weight, but I'm not having any luck. I have a really fast metabolism and I eat Asian food everyday, so that doesn't help. Is it healthy to drink those protein powder (muscle milk) to gain weight? I use to drink 1-2 ensures everyday to help with the weight, but I couldn't handle the nasty smell and taste. I don't ever eat fast food because I like eating healthy, but eating healthy isn't helping with my weight gain. Are there like any meal plans for gaining weight?

My goal is to try to gain 20 lbs. Every time I do gain weight, I have trouble keeping it on. My sister had the same problem, until she had a kid, now she's the perfect size, but I'm not planning to have any kids any time soon. I don't like looking skinny and it doesn't help that I'm short either. Any suggestions on how I can gain weight would be awesome =)
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