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Originally Posted by e36jakeo View Post
I'll bet the M3 Vert will weigh over 4000 lbs.
It might. However, there are rumors that it will get an aluminum top instead of a steel one. So it might end up weighing less than the 335i convertible, just as the M3 coupe will (apparently anyway) weigh less than the 335i coupe. Still won't be light by any means but then again neither is an M5 or M6.

In fact, speaking of those cars (the M5 or M6), the only reason I can see to get one of those vs. an M3 sedan or coupe (or convertible for that matter) would be to have more space. And that certainly has absolutely no benefit on the track either, but that doesn't mean we should just go into the M5/M6 forum and call them all posers. LOL - but I gotta say it would be funny to see how swiftly you'd get flamed if you did that though.

But I have the mindset of a racer, not someone who just wants to drive a cool looking, V8 powered, heavy 4-seat convertible. I'd rather get a used S2K for $15K for when you want to do the top-down thing and then get the real M3 -- the coupe (or sedan).
That's fine for you. Different people have different requirements for a car. I'd personally much rather actually drive my car than let it sit in the garage half or more of the time. I need a rear seat because I have a kid, so an S2000 won't work as a daily driver for me.

And speaking of the coupe vs. sedan, the sedan is a compromise as well. According to this article:

the coupe is 25% stiffer. Not to mention the fact that the M3 sedan probably won't get the carbon fibre roof. So even the sedan buyer will be making concessions over the coupe for the sake of convenience. Personally I'd much rather make concessions in the name of more fun on my daily drive, but that's just me.

OK, enough mudslinging. Just opinions, guys!
Opinions are great, but coming into a forum and insulting people out of the blue simply because you don't understand them is pretty stupid. Nice to see you actually post something with substance though. I have no problem discussing the tradeoffs associated with the convertible in a civilized manner.
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