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Originally Posted by dwangvlee View Post
what happened? i'm surprised they would not correct the problem.
Didn't sharpen his tools and rushed is what the other tint shops have told me, then got a bunch of excuses, he scratched my A-pillar and dented the rear of the pax seat, there is more to it, but he basically said he would re-do two windows and that was it. Every tinter I have had look at it just shook their head and said it should never have left like that. I won't let him touch my car after the poor job he did and his attitude is even worse.

He actually tried to blame me, I returned to speak with him the very next morning.

Scratches, glue, a couple of hairs, bubbles, pretty bad tint job.

Forgot to write down my mileage when I dropped it off, but I'm pretty positive he took it for a spin as well, 4-5 miles.