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Originally Posted by Longbow64 View Post
Well, this is an interesting thread. I recently sold my Evo IX SE and bought an 09 E90 M3. I love reading about these guys who estimate their horsepower and never get a real dyno assoicated with it. I spent close to $2000 in performance mods with an AMS turbo exhaust $1100 (much lounder than stock, so factor in another discomfort to driving; and won't pass emissions), Perrin intake $200, O2 housing $150, AMS lower intercooler pipe $100, and a dyno tune from a well respected tuning company in Pennsylvania $450. This still only got me to 315hp/292tq on a mustang dyno. You could mod the crap out of the Evo for relatively cheap, but each mod comes at a cost to comfort, resale, emissions, etc.

The evo feels faster because it is much lower and smaller than the M3, but doesn't really stand a chance against it. I believe a better comparison is the E90 335i with a Procede. The cars are closer in price and the cost of tuning is comparable.

I'm now in my 30's and you're absolutely right. The main reason I sold the Evo was because I couldn't really take myself seriously when I would walk out to it and get in. I decided to sell it the day I saw some douchebag behind me in a WRX wearing his hat sideways, knowing I was in the same class of car as this guy. . I also got tired of explaining to people what an Evo was.

Drive what you like; enjoy it; and quit worrying about who's faster because we're all just as slow as the guy in front of us. Trust me, I know I live near DC now.
I respect your opinion and i understand where you are coming from. But the mods you listed were fine but buying ams parts are expensive. $1100 for a TBE is about the 2nd or 3rd most expensive. A metal pipe with a whole does the same from every company. Paying for the name AMS..

02 housings creates boost creeps quite often on evos

Not sure where you had the car tuned in PA but that makes no sense to me.

TPG, SBR, J&S? Which shop tuned it. Just curious bc the only import tuner is J&S that has a mustang. So it sounds like you were maybe at a "shop" who maybe took a stab at ecuflash or something

Look, im not here to argue. I have owned the car for 5 years. I have had the car built at one point with EVERY part available to make 700whp. I just dont understand how defensive M3 owners are. Hp/weight ratios do not lie, then add awd to the mix.

I am not trying to fight with people, its the ignorant comments that are jabs from people who dont even probably know how to change thier own oil that are getting on my nerves.

Sorry for the rant, and sorry for words that are spelled wrong. Iphone

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