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Originally Posted by Patrys View Post
I am sorry. I can definitely help you with the Z4 CIC retrofit if you are still interested.
I did not mean to ignore you.

Would you still like me to help you with the CIC?
Yes, I would like your help.

I'm a member of three different e89 Z4 forums: Bimmerpost, Bimmerfest and z4-forum. They get people asking about doing a stock retrofit and so far I've been telling them it's not viable due to cost and getting all the parts together, plus making everything work electronically and programing wise. Their only alternative has been to do a aftermarket retrofit with a non-BMW head unit and amps.

Please stop in at these forums and let them know what you can do for e89 Z4 and I'm sure they will appreciate it.

Bimmerpost e89 Z4

Bimmerfest e89 Z4


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