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Originally Posted by NYC e92 View Post
eh i wouldn't say it wasn't a reliable dyno...idk if you're from the NY area but Iveytune is one of the most reputable tuners around and this one is about 10hp difference from a very low reading mustang dyno. I feel like dynojets give a more accurate reading anyways...when i had 340whp i did stay with an m3 from a roll but top end it edged me.
Ya which is expected....not knocking Evo's by any means as I've always wanted one...truly a fantastic car. Idk if you know them but my friend Will actually bought the tuners Evo from Ivey....had many problems if I recall.

To everyone here all I'm saying is that an Evo w/ just a catback or TBE will not beat an M3.

Petey, seems like you're making a lot of friends about I bring over my friends modded civic for your apple shares and your slip....any car can be modded to be faster than this or that...I think everyone just gotta relax.