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Originally Posted by AudiS5 View Post
Dynojet? 320 sounds reasonable, but I used to run and beat many Stage 2 Evo's in my old STi and my M3 is definitely faster..granted there were a few that did beat me, but the difference between the cars was minimal. Stage 2 an Evo can not take down an M3 on a roll if the M is in the right gear, I'm sorry. To Petey, looks like you're running a new clutch as well as a bigger turbo I said- sick car, but I'd expect you to beat M3's now.
Originally Posted by AudiS5 View Post
Sorry just reiterating my previous statement, wasn't really directed at you. We both know, as everyone else knows Dynojets run a bit high. On a Dyno Dynamics, Mustang Dyno that number would be significantly lower, around 10 percent +. I'm not doubting you put down 340 awhp, but I just wouldn't call the Dyno you used reliable.
eh i wouldn't say it wasn't a reliable dyno...idk if you're from the NY area but Iveytune is one of the most reputable tuners around and this one is about 10hp difference from a very low reading mustang dyno. I feel like dynojets give a more accurate reading anyways...when i had 340whp i did stay with an m3 from a roll but top end it edged me.