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Originally Posted by bullitt5897 View Post
well if honda would get their shit straight and back their world champion "Nicky" and not the f'in midget "Pedrosa" then Nicky might still have a chance. I wouldnt expect to see a motogp pace m3 till really late this year or next season.
I would watch Rossi he is gonna really put down some laps cause he wants to go out a winner.
No, I don't think we'll see the Pace Car til 2008 season. Agreed.

Don't get me wrong, I love Nicky - have loved watching him since late 90's (I bought his replica and had it autographed...? - I love the guy). But I almost have to agree with HRC, that Danny is Honda's future. For crying out loud - look at the damn RC212v. Anyone that says they didn't develop that bike with PED in mind is an idiot. I don't care for the mutant, or his stupid arrogant attitude - but he's quick and he will bring Honda another Championship, perhaps this year.

Vale's got another year with FIAT - thru 09'.