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Originally Posted by Eau Rouge View Post
Does a 2014 calendar year launch = 2015 model year car? If so, does that mean the "not produced" model year will be the 2014? And if so, that would mean we still have two more model years -- 2012 & 2013 -- of E92 M3 production, right? I could live with that.
Yes. It is so. In general, now BMW's are produced 7 years and get facelift after 3 1/2 years. As the M models come 2 years later, they are produced 5 years. The M3 GTS for example did not come at the end of M3 E9X generation, but just at facelift, so after 2 years. There are yet three years until the new M3 comes, the actual one will yet be produced until the new 3 Series Coupé comes, even if there is already the new 3 Series Sedan, unless BMW changed its way of doing things, what I doubt.