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Before I ordered my 328xi:

A4 2.0T Premium Plus 6MT Quattro:The new A4 is quite refined. Before my e90 I had a 2005.5 6MT Quattro. The new B8 has come a long way in the last few years. Honestly, it was a blast to drive, and felt fast enough for me. The 2.0T has a broad power range – you can feel the 258 ft lb of torque. The Quattro system is excellent. Interior: It’s a nice place to be. The cons: Expensive for what you get. Not as balanced or connected as the 3 series. Lacks the smooth inline 6. Doesn’t lease as well as the “Ultimate Leasing Machine.”

The A4 is more luxurious and elegant, but the e90 has a sportier edge and is more involving.

S4 6MT Quattro:Exhilarating acceleration, turns on rails, addictive exhaust note, Quattro system is one of the best in the business. Cons: Harsh ride on Boston roads. Was out of my budget this time around.

Infiniti G25x Premium:Seemed like a good value. I wanted to see if the performance was in-line with the value proposition. It wasn't. Feels much slower than my e90. Turning was precise and it rode nicely, but did not communicate the way a 3 series does. The interior was luxurious and comfortable. More standard features.

In the end, I was willing to pay more for the invigorating driving experience BMW provides that the G25x does not.

Infiniti G37x Premium: Attractive lease programs. Get-up and GO acceleration in a straight line. Meaty engine. Good steering and comfortable ride. Same interior appointments as its younger brother. More standard features. Cons: Auto Transmission / shifting was not great, lacked the dynamic feel of a 3 series.

Would you trade the 328’s overall involvement for faster acceleration? Personally, I was not willing to.

VW GTI Autobahn PackageLower price point. Excellent value proposition. This car has a nice firm ride, and I really enjoyed the DSG transmission. Steering is very precise. It’s nimble and has pretty good power (relative low weight compared to other cars I tested.) Supportive leather seats. Cons: Just could not do the FWD. Torque steer is too evident. Cheap plastic dash and buttons.

Interested to see what the R brings to the table in a year when it arrives stateside.

Subaru Legacy 3.0 R Limited I initially wanted to test a WRX or 2.5 GT Limited. But no dealers had them on the lot. Lower price point. Excellent value proposition here as well. Standard AWD is a plus. Well-established AWD system. Punchy 265 HP boxer engine felt fairly fast. Get a lot for the money. Cons: The car was a floater - Steering not precise. Shifts from the slush box were not great, cheap interior and driver display system. Not as fun to drive.

In the end it felt like a boring econo-box to me.

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