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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
The rules will specify some mimimum number of production cars that must be built using a version of the engine in the race car. BMW will simply meet that minimum, probably in a car not unlike todays GTS.

Another possibility is that they will just run the turbo 6 from the standard car in the race car. Engines are trending toward FI in some race series such as Indycar and even F1 is being urged to switch to turbo I4. I'm not sure of the rules for ALMS or Le Mans but I could easily see them allowing FI in the GT class soon if they don't already.
ALMS rules state the road car must have 100 units and 1,000 engines produced.

I believe they intend to pull out of Le Mans racing when the E9x M3 runs its course. It won't be the first time they take a break from endurance racing.

This is why they are going DTM racing.