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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
Actually, those look pretty good.

There's no law against using a tripod with a P&S camera, if you want to try that. Most P&S cameras will allow you to use long exposures and/or bulb setting. The same effort is required to avoid shake, so use timed shutter release or a remote release to initiate the shutter.

That church may not have let you bring a tripod in anyway.

Noise is well under control and I can get a good view of the subjects. A big full frame sensor would have afforded more dynamic range and even less noise, BUT you convincingly conveyed the spirit of those places.
Thanks, DC. My new Canon has been delivered, so I get to start playing with that tonight. And you're right, the church wouldn't allow tripods or even backpacks. No flash either, not that I would ever use one in a church.

I need a good photog backpack with a way to carry a tripod. A more patient wife would help, too.

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