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Originally Posted by Straight6r View Post
What are some of the automakers out there that you have respect for or admire their products, but couldn't picture yourself actually buying one?

I'll start: Volvo.

I think they make great cars. Very high quality and they are extremely low key with their advertising. They just seem to blend in to the marketplace never really drawing attention to themselves. ( Not like Hyundai with their agressive ads that just bash every other car maker out there )
^^^^^^ As you can tell, Hyundai is my least like automaker. lol
Yeah, well.... we'll see what happens to Volvo now that the Chinese manufacturer Geeley owns them. The first thing Geely announced was to build ostentatious big luxury Volvos for the Chinese market. Second thing was to build a Shanghai factory.

RIP Swedish and iconoclastic Volvo.......

"We want to make more high-level cars that compete with the S-Class of Mercedes-Benz and the 7-Series of BMW. We need products to compete in that segment," Shufu told reporters from Automotive News.

What Shufu hasn’t revealed yet is how Volvo, which lost more than $653 million last year, will be able to build new models to take on the flagship sedans from its German rivals. Volvo first needs to focus on selling more cars; it will need to sell at least 380,000 cars if it hopes to break even. Last year Volvo’s sales totaled 335,000 units.

p.s., Mercedes is the king of safety (and safety innovations; look at their history of inventions in car safety.) It's just that they never really advertised it like Volvo did....