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Originally Posted by Sylon View Post
I finished the historic races with the Ferrari P4 or whatever it is. The Ferrari was a handful, but soft slicks helped with the handling a little. Those races all comes down to where the faster cars are placed in the starting grid.
I agree. That P4 was really twitchy under braking (no ABS ).

Originally Posted by 1trip5 View Post
I heard that GT is giving away 3 chrome line cars (free DLC) starting Dec. 24th. It's been confirmed for Japan, but I think we are still awaiting confirmation in the US and EU. The three cars are:
- Lambo LP640
- BMW M3
- Jaguar XJ13

I bet that Jaguar would do well in the historic race. I dont know if I have the patience to wait 3 days though.
I read somewhere that the XJ13 can't be used in the historic car race. Not sure though.