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Originally Posted by Peteypab2133 View Post
great advice!

I tell you want, bring your car to Kentucky in may when the 1/4 mile opens as well as the local track. Bring your title, your mouth, your video camera, I want everyone to see me take that cute little M off your hands.

Dont give advice that your car cannot back up.

With just a tune and mbc stock turbo evos run mid 11's. Youtube it.

Better hope the guys he work with are not telling fibs, because if my car didnt have a 3.5" exhaust it would sound stock but run like a monster.
Ricers are all the same: "With just a Blah, blah, blah and a blah, my tin can will beat your... (your car's name here). The OP said stock.

I'll tell you 'bout I come down to Kentucky from NY with my mouth (like you requested) and whoever has the most teeth, wins both the titles?
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