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Originally Posted by AudiS5 View Post
Sweet car, but you're a bit misleading there. Unless you own a shop, got a business discount on parts and did all the work and tuning yourself, there is no way that is only $900 in mods. Even if you did have all the above, the average person will be paying more to run an Evo that quickly so thats not really a fair price to say. Back on topic, your Evo has at least $2.5k worth of mods. Pulley, tuned, and filtered M3 should run a slower time by a tad, but with a higher trap speed. Sick car nonetheless, but not $900 in go fast mods, sorry. My STI's parts- Turboback was $1,500, Perrin Short Ram $170, and tune was $900.

I used to work for slowboy racing. (no discounts for the parts i bought though but I can still tell you the parts pricing for pretty much every part on the market....)

STI parts for one are FAR more expensive, Part for part thus the reason the evo is a modding car and the STI is a drivers car. HP / $ will always be in favor of the 4G63.

I went on EVOm and bought a used 3.5" exhaust for $350.00
The cams are cosworth M2 and that cost me $450.00
the filter cone and intake pipe was like $100.00

The tune was on the house becuase I used to work at the shop. As it goes for labor, a ricky retardo could change the exhaust, the cams were about an hour to 1.5 hours worth of work.

Megan racing is a fine example of tuning parts that WORK the same as things like HKS, PERRIN, AMS, etc etc. and its 1/5 the price.

I guess what I am saying is you are paying a premium tax (my cousin paid the corvette tax for every part he owned on he C6 corvette) Same metal for exhaust systems, just 3 times the price. Same for the M cars. I mean for god sake they sell $2500 hoods that have gaps in the front that look like shit but people still spend a million bucks becuase it is a brand name. But a CF hood for every other application runs somewhere around $450-700.

this is a link to my old mod list before I parted it out because 650-700whp on a daily was a little useless at the time.

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