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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
Thats my point though. If the carpeting is is already lightweight, how much more lightweight can it get while also not diminishing the luxury aspect of it by allowing too much sound into the cabin?
Furthermore, the M division went through so much time, effort and work to make the current M3 as light as possible and it still ended up being heavy.
I know about the CF manuf plant but again, how much more weight is that going to save over the aluminum hood on the car now? 5 lbs?
At the same time, the 3 series is going to be bigger, wider, and more tech will be added. Those all add weight.
I realize they are getting more serious, but until I truly see it, I dont believe it. Not sure if you know, but Porsche cut 408 lbs out of the new Cayenne Turbo vs the outgoing model and most of the rest of their cars have remained relatively in check or have gotten lighter in a few instances. Those are the types of serious weight reduction steps I like to see. BMW said the new 5 series was going to be lighter, yet its heavier across the entire line-up. Not sure if its just lip service, but it hasnt held true yet.

Hmmm, I strongly disagreed with you and now you say "that's my point"? The items in the OP as well as some of the others I've added just above are some of many that will be contributing to the weight management effort in the new M3. I don't have a crystal ball and don't know the weight yet. I can though guarantee it will be taken even more seriously in the next gen car.

As far as weight management in the existing M3: The team did what they had, at the development budget they had to bring the car to the market at the intended price while as the same time besting all of its competitors. To think that means there is not a lot room left for more reductions is silly.
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