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Originally Posted by kaykay View Post
Sorry guys, so-called "BMW insiders" on a car forum are the last people I'd listen to when it comes to what engine will be in the next-generation M3.

NOBODY and I repeat, nobody knows what engine will be in this car. To date, all of this engine talk is pure speculation to keep the forum heads occupied.

I'm pretty sure it won't be a variant of the N55, there will most likely be a new engine in the M3.

Evidence, speculation, insider info, all bullshit until we here the official news from BMW AG themselves.
Only if Scott is really an "insider". Really, our "insider" is really a representative from BMW, marketing to the forums. His information is not always firm when released on the forum but it gives us a snap shot on what BMW's direction is.

Nothing is firm until the final release, but you can read into a bit more. From your argument, then your following post about what you speculate is also bullshit.

When we are looking something pre-release, really we are doing so for our entertainment, but I feel that putting what's being said, plus business case scenarios like you did, will give us a very good picture.

I know we had hopes for M to come up with a new engine, they have already deviate from their previous with regards to engine in the 1M. The M5, a very iconic car from the line up is recycling the engine from the X5M/6M. I believe the next M cars - it will have a unique piece with their engine, it will not be a completely new engine from the ground up.

I am sure there will be innovations with the M3 engine than the 1M, but I do feel it will be an evolution of the N55, while still addressing the competitions. BMW has indicated that they are moving towards more weight savings than power, so may be it would be more accurate to look at the power/weight ratio than just horse power alone.
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