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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Wow, you really have lost faith. Which modern turbo cars have you driven? Folks are succeeding pretty well in drastic reductions in turbo lag. I might be going out on a limb, but when the car is released and the performance is well known, I suspect you (like 80% of those now disappointed) will be lusting after it. The pattern of M naysayers who convert to current generation owners or droolers is quite well established. Its been happening since the release of the E36 M3.

Now all that being said, if you want an all out track car (or simply the engine experience of such a car) NA is the way to go and the S65 is a real gem. Just to be clear I'm certainly not implying here that the E9X M3 is an all out track car at all.
I own a Stage 1 Dinan tuned car, and I have taken that and an e92 ///M on the track and street and its no comparison. Is my e92 335i tuned fast? Hell yeah. Does it create the same soul moving reaction the ///M does? F**K NO.

Listen, I'm not saying the F32 won't be a great car, because it will be. Just as I have said over and over again that the S4 and C63 are great cars, but that's what they are, great cars, just like a 335iS, and tuned 335i with the N54 are great cars. To me, the e92s and GT3s are not great cars but SPECIAL cars. They are the closet thing to an exotic without being an exotic (well, GT3 probably counts). I'm not trying to compare a GT3 with a ///M, so please don't think that. All I am trying to do is make the point of the difference between a GTR and an ///M. The GTR trashes the ///M on a track and on the road, but damn, nothing feels or drives like that ///M or GT3. I don't mind having a FI variant of the ///M3, I do have a problem with NOT offering an N/A variant.

Its like the difference between your wife, and the other great woman you dated before the wife who was hot........both are great women, but there is something special about your wife that you can't quite put into words other than to say "that's why she's my wife". Make sense? BMW has always been my wife, with most of Porsche, Audi & Merc being my "other" woman (no, I don't cheat on my wife). Now, it looks like I'm going to have to file for divorce


"'s not about the money and not about the brand of the car, it's about handling,performance and passion......And that, no other car has all together like an M3........when you talk about the most complete car the M is invincible." --Tony Kanaan.